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  •       Henan Shengnuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Changge City, Henan 
    Province. It is located in the hinterland of central Henan Plain. It is adjacent to Xuchang, the capi
    tal of Weidu in the south, Zhengzhou in the north, Bianjing Kaifeng in the East and Luoyang in 
    the West. It is also said to be the former site of the ancient emperor Ge Tian\'s family. Later gener
    ations will always think of its Ze, so it is named Changge.
          The company is a production and sales series of plate and frame filter press, bean paste filling 
    dehydrator, steel lining ion exchange column, complete set of starch sugar equipment manufacturers.

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    Products are widely used in various fields, and different enterprises have different requirements for their products.

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  • Treatment method for the problem of filter material not tight in plate and frame filter press

    I don´t know if we find that after repeated discharge operation, the end of thrust plate is not easy to press out and the phenomenon of splashing on the top of filter plate often occurs. How do they come together? If you encounter a problem, you should deal with it. Starch syrup equipment manufacturers believe that the premise of dealing with it is to find out the reason and make targeted co

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  • The importance of filter plate in plate and frame filter press is obvious


  • What is the effect of anti-corrosion filter cloth of diaphragm filter press?


  • The reason why the pressure filter becomes slow in the process of filtration


  • How to deal with the shortcomings of hydraulic oil in plate and frame filter press


  • What are the hazards of over pressure of plate and frame filter press

    The filtering speed of plate and frame filter press is faster than that of box filter press, and the storage space of filter cake is relatively large. The filter cloth of plate and frame filter press can form a uniform pressure inlet difference, so that the filter cloth can contact with the filtrate to a large extent and ensure a better filtering area. In addition, when designing filter cloth, the

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  • Influence of filter plate and cloth on pressure filter


  • What should be paid attention to in the protection and replacement of filter plate of filter press


  • What are the daily maintenance places of filter press


  • Introduce the seven major maintenance and maintenance of the filter in detail


  • Technology Q & A
  • How to put an end to the failure of filter press

    As long as the mechanical equipment will appear mechanical failure, filter press is a kind of equipment, so it will also have fault. So how can we put an end to the failure of the filter press? Shengwei machinery thinks that the following 8 points describe in detail how to eliminate the fault of the filter press: 1. Check whether the proximity switch and solenoid valve of the travel switch are dam

  • What are the types and performance characteristics of filter press? How to choose and purchase the filter press correctly

    With the national attention to environmental protection, sludge and sewage treatment has become a serious issue for every production and processing enterprise. The selection of a correct filter press has an important impact on the sludge and sewage treatment process in the future. The following by Shengwei Machinery Co., Ltd. to teach you how to correctly select the filter press: first, we analyze

  • Introduce the seven major maintenance and maintenance of the filter in detail

    1. Always check whether the connecting pipes are firm and whether there is leakage and damage. 2. Do not open the cover when there is pressure in the bag filter, or the remaining liquid may spray out, causing liquid loss and personal injury. 3. Check whether the inlet and outlet valves of the filter are closed tightly. Check the pressure gauge to ensure that the internal pressure is 0. At this tim

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